About the Cathedral

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The present modern cathedral was opened in 1962 replacing a gothic structure that burned in 1956. The new cathedral is noted for its huge expanse of spectacular stained glass windows crafted in Paris, the ceramic tile mural behind the altar that is the largest of its kind in the world, and its majestic four manual Austin pipe organ. The sturdy U-shaped structure is suggestive of a modern day version of Paris's famous Sainte-Chapelle with walls of breathtaking faceted stained glass windows.

The cathedral seats 1,750 people in an awesome contemporary space including the two side chapels. The structure is of reinforced cast concrete sheathed inside and outside with limestone. The tower contains a set of 12 cast bronze bells ranging in weight from 225 lbs. to 3,850 lbs. and is topped with a 25 foot high stainless steel cross.


Overall height to top of cross
Floor to ceiling height
Overall length
Overall width
Ceramic mural behind altar
Stained glass windows
Organ pipes
Gallery organ fa├žade
Choir gallery seating capacity

281 ft.
108 ft.
284 ft.
156 ft.
80 ft. high by 40 ft. wide
67 ft. high by 13 1 / 2 ft. wide each
Over 8,000
50 ft. high by 80 ft. wide
130 singers

The cathedral is a repository for some of the most outstanding examples of contemporary ecclesiastical art - in stained glass, mosaics, and sculpture, in both metal and stone.

Cathedral of St. Joseph  140 Farmington Avenue  Hartford, Connecticut 06105  860-249-8431