Austin Organ

Austin Organs, Inc., Opp. 2332-3, 1962

Austin OrganThe Cathedral organ contains more than 8000 pipes and was designed by Austin Organs' Tonal Director, Richard Piper, and Frederick L. Mitchell, Vice-President.  It enjoys ideal placement in its own loft high on the rear wall containing the Great, Positiv, and Pedal divisions, flanked by chambers containing the Swell, Choir, and Solo divisions.  The largest case pipes (from the 32' Sub Principal) were installed in the gallery by cranes before the roof was completed!  Orpha Ochse describes the instrument as "among the landmark instruments of its time" ("Austin Organs").  Its four-manual drawknob console also controls the Sanctuary Pitch division near the altar and the Blessed Sacrament Chapel Organ.  This complete two-manual instrument has its own console, with a third manual controlling stop combinations on the Gallery Organ.

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